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Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
3 it's... been week... incc hurricane sandy's wrath... whipped... thru... parylandd../ while... the power 's ...back on'.../ first resppnders... and... - utility workers... are... now going ... to kathleen cairns... as more ...on... how sandy -&p...cootinues to effect &pmmrylanders... & 3 police, fire and now utility workers from marylaad are now in new york and nnw jersey helpinn victims frrm hurricane -3 sandy. just this orning, aa caravvn of b.g.e's naturrl gas - workers headed north to help. while maryland is functionnng -again, it couud take years ffr some areas toobe rebuiit. 3 (nat pop-winds ocean citt ) as saadd mooeddits way into ocean city... (nats sea waaer & pouring over dunes) it -3 carried the sea, and left a carrying belongings) "i woke up at five ttis morning to use the bathroom and when i stuck mm foot ddwn there was 2 feet of water"from the iinet pierr... to the oordwalk. (nats coast guard chopper) while on the oppositt side of & he state: sn
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1